Heavy pound: shenzhen baoshijian new 5 health food record approval


Recently, shenzhen baoshijian obtained 5 new domestic health food record approval, further enriched the company's product line, is conducive to further enhance the competitiveness of the company's health food field.




②Amida calcium chewable tablets (pregnant and nursing mothers)


③Anjulai calcium iron zinc selenium vitamin C tablets


④Bao shi jian calcium chewable tablets (adult)

(Number G201844000545)

⑤Bao shi jian calcium chewable tablets (adult) (milk flavor)

(Number G2018440005425)

The implementation of the recordkeeping system of health food has, to a great extent, improved the supervision mechanism of the industry and standardized the production and sales of health food.Shenzhen baoshijian actively responds to the national policy, continuously strengthens the number of approval documents to improve its competitiveness, and at the same time, it also sets an example for setting up a benign competition atmosphere in the market and promoting the development of the industry.

Shenzhen baoshijian biological was founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise, with China's leading transparent intelligent GMP 100,000 level factory, ten thousand level GMP laboratory and research and development center, independent probiotics purification production workshop, Japan, Germany advanced production lines, excellent equipment, exquisite technology;Specializing in health food, functional food and new resources food research and development and production, is one of the most professional and comprehensive health food production base in China, with a professional r & d team, inspection team and first-class manufacturing team.

Baoshijian has now produced 28 health food approval products approved by the state food and drug administration, more than 30 health food approval products that are independently declared in the registration or filing, and more than 100 special functional and nutritious food products.Baoshi jijian "quality" manufacturing, the partners are Harbin pharmaceutical group, shiyao group, modification pharmaceutical, nanjing tongrentang, zhendong pharmaceutical, hongyuan pharmaceutical, jiangzhong enterprises and other large pharmaceutical enterprises;Well-known maternal and child nutrition brands such as guowei health, jarai, beilier and obaijian;And zhuhai love baby island, Beijing love and other large baby chain enterprises.Moreover, we have deep brand incubation cooperation projects with many large health enterprises.

Facing the intensified market competition of brand reshuffle, shenzhen baoshijian knows that only by taking consumers as the core, keeping pace with The Times on the basis of constant quality and innovation, can it provide the market with products with fine craftsmanship and excellent quality.All the time, shenzhen baoshijian strives to constantly enrich its product line, constantly improve its research and development capabilities, and provide customers and consumers with high-quality and professional health products.Previously, shenzhen baoshijian has obtained three domestic health food approval certificates:

Nuolikang colostrum capsule






This again obtained the record system production approval, is in the industry to shenzhen baoshi jian research strength, innovation ability, product quality another recognition.In the future, we will ask ourselves with higher standards, improve the corporate image of integrity, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, with pharmaceutical standards, do healthy food!

Shenzhen baoshijian looks forward to cooperating with you and sharing new development opportunities.Shenzhen baoshijian biological will combine the market demand, to provide one-stop product overall solution technical services: product concept, formula design, technical consulting and OEM/ODM OEM production, to provide you with more product choice, to meet your high quality, high demand for production.