Porshealth biological and Zhendong pharmaceutical group to create a new category


Ms. Li yan, chairman of zhendong wuhe group, shanxi zhendong group

On March 10, 2018, Ms. Li yan, the fifth chairman of zhendong group from Shanxi Province, arrived in shenzhen to visit baoshijian biological plant, accompanied by Ms. Han jiao, the assistant chairman, and Mr. Niu junjie, the marketing director of home care in zhendong.

Shanxi zhendong wuhe health food co. LTD

Founded in 1996, shanxi zhendong wuhe health food co., ltd. belongs to the "1311" project of shanxi provincial government and is one of the 24 leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization.Changzhi city agricultural industrialization one of the ten leading enterprises.

 Baoshijian biological GMP factory

Guests of zhendong group, accompanied by zhan juzhen, chairman of baoshijian biological and xiao shihui, general manager, visited baoshijian factory, which introduced advanced automatic production lines and inspection instruments from Germany, Japan and domestic, product research and development center, quality control center, production management center, operation management center, logistics center and so on.

 Zhendong wu shares his experience with marketing director niu junjie

After visiting the factory, zhendong wu and marketing director niu junjie Shared the corporate culture, business development and management experience with our colleagues. After the meeting, we asked questions and communicated with each other. In many aspects, we still need to learn and improve each other.

Baoshijian maintains a good cooperative relationship with zhendong group, whose products include solid beverage, powder, granule, health food, etc. This visit will continue to strengthen cooperation and share new opportunities for development.